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About us

The first time you travel with a baby can be intimidating.  Are we ready for a trip?  Will our baby have fun?  is the destination safe and baby friendly?  What do we need to carry with us?


All these questions are very normal for the newbie parents and our goal at myBabyVacationCR is to make your trip easier.  We are more than just a rental company...   we are also parents that love to travel and understand how valuable a friendly voice can be while you are away.

For that reason we started myBabyVacationCR keeping in mind that our objective is to help other parents and make your trip a great experience.   Check our blog and FAQ, they both have great information that can answer some of your questions.    

During your trip you can also contact us thru our whatsapp line to clarify questions or get recommendations, for example where to buy baby food, find medicines, etc. 

Enjoy your time in Costa Rica!

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