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Driving in Costa Rica: Laws and regulations for driving with children

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

Costa Rica is one of the most attractive spots for European, Canadian and American tourists. Many of them want to bring their kids or grandchildren but are unsure about the laws and regulations regarding driving with children, here are the most important things you must know if you´re planning a vacation in this beautiful Central American country.

According to the local law, all children below age of 12 required a special car seat if they are traveling by car. Babies from 0-1 years, maximum weight 10 Kilograms (22 pounds) and maximum height 75 centimetres (2,5 feet) required an Infant car seat and must be positioned in the center back seat looking backwards.

From 1-4 years, maximum weight 18 Kilograms (39 pounds) and maximum height 110 centimetres (3,6 feet) a Child car seat is used, fastened in the back seat as well, from 4-6 years the seat swifts to a booster seat highback. It´s important to know that at this age children car seat traveling in the front seat is against the law. Finally, from age 6-12 use the booster seat, with the backrest being optional.

Check out the Ministry of Public Works and Transportation (MOPT) web site for the most updated information: MOPT website.

Travelers need to know, not following the Costa Rican regulations will cost them a fine of approximately 200.000 colones (around 375US$), so it´s strongly advised not to take chances. Do not worry, it´s not necessary to bring your own safety seat in your luggage, in fact, there are options to get your own seat within the country and avoid yourself any inconveniences.

While most Rental Car services offer the seats along with the car, the variety of seats is scarce, so you may not find the seat required four your baby, or seats could be of low quality. With this service you´ll be taking your chances, you won´t like to find yourself in a situation where your newly rent car and realize it doesn´t have the seat you need! Driving without a safety seat could result in fatal consequences for your loved ones.

Your best bet is renting your own safety seat with the website, available at the airport to pick up immediately, carrying it anywhere you go with your rented car allows to travel without worries, after you finish your trip you can drop it on your way out. Accessibility and convenience, it´s what you´ll find with this service.

At we strive for giving you top quality safe car seats and a great customer service at an affordable price. Available at the airport to pick up immediately after landing or we can deliver to the rent-a-car office or hotel of your preference. Travel without worries, after you finish your trip you can drop it on your way out. Accessibility and convenience, it´s what you´ll find with this service.

Ensuring the safety of your children is essential to enjoy a fulfilling traveling experience, getting the correct seat for you son or daughter will prevent any major hazard to them, and will allow you to travel with ease in Costa Rica.

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