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Let us shop and have everything ready for your arrival.


A 20% surcharge applies for this service.   If your shopping list ends up totaling more than $100, we will let you know and you can pay the difference when the shopping is complete and delivered.

You provide your shopping list and we will do our very best to get everything on your list, however, some items or quantities may not be available.

We will call or text you when we are done shopping and let you know if there was anything we were not able to get on your list. We can try another store, if you like, and will communicate if another delivery fee will apply.


If you prefer it, we can offer no contact delivery. Your items will be carefully placed on your doorstep so we can all follow social distancing best practices.

Personal Shopping Service

SKU: SER-001

    * Daily Price. Rents of 8 days of more a 15% discount will be applied.

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